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God of War [PAL]
Playtime: ~ 5 Hours. Just found Poseidon's Sceptre.

There are games, and then there are games. Games that go thru the motions. Games that further a genre by perfecting past imperfections, imposed either by limitations of technology or human skill. Games that play it safe and by the book. Games that want to be controversial. Adult and mature. Some developers consider their games not games, but art. What has this got to do with GoW, one of the most sensational games on PS2 in recent times? Nothing and everything.

GoW (aka "Human of War" in some quaters) is a game that embodies a bit of everything mentioned above. Or rather, some of the things are claimed by it's creator, Dave Jaffe. I first loaded the "Making of..." section (which might have been a mistake). All the ppl (there is a list 3 pages long of the staff) who worked on this game seems to have some serious issues: Ego, anger, rage, tiredness, and at times pride in their creation.

Jaffe blabbers about taking the action-adventure genre and furthering it to reach new pinnacles. He describes his character, Kratos, with passion. Are all the talk of Jaffe and co. evident in the game? Well, I dunno...

This action adventure includes:
- Blood and gore,
- Puzzles,
- Crates and boxes and pots that can be either pushed or shattered,
- Enemies,
- Weapons,
- A Combat system heavily based on combos,
- Boobies,
- Various environments (desert, water, cities)...

In my mind, nothing that this game presents has not been done before in the action-adventure genre. 1st couple of levels are... OK. Thereafter I was in auto-pilot. Square-Square-Triangle-Circle, from start to finish (or rather until the point that I currently am at). At one point in the game Kratos asks: What have I become? Let me answer that, Kratos: A brutal, button-bashing bore. Not Fucking rad! (the closing comment on the "Making of..." feature from some GoW staff member).

The game sports an auto-camera feature, which spoils a lot of the potential exploring. The camera basically guides you where to go next. Don't know where to go? Just walk around and viola! the camera will allign itself perfectly pushing you in the correct direction. There is no 1st person view, which could have made exploring the richly and beautiful environments a pleasure.

As I sat there after this crucial point in the game, I reflected - that's what I have become while playing this game - a button basher. Whatever energy I mustered to continue the game dissapated from my weary self. One can only wonder: How did this game garner such rave reviews and awards? Am I writing this just to be different, to go against the stream?

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