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Resident Evil... FOUR!
Playtime: ~ 15 Hours. Disc 1. I last died while on some underground train looking for something to "feed the lion".

I'll start by saying that I hate and despise this series. I played one on PS1 (can't remember title) - hated it. Played (...loading...) RE:0 (...loading...) on GC (...loading...) - hated it. Sold that one as fast as I could. When I heard all the rave reviews of RE:4, I told myself I would wait for it to drop to a decent price, then I'll buy it to see what the noise was all about. I bought it for $29.00 on ebay... the next day it was on Player's Choice for $19.00.

Loaded up the game. Thoroughly enjoyed the 1st level. For one, no more friggin loading screens whenever I open a door. Stages are now organised in sections which is loaded all at once. About the biggest improvement is in the control of the main protagonist. But that is about it in this game with it's derivative gameplay. It plays about the same as that PS2 game: Ghosthunter. There I was looking for something to make this game worthy enough for someone to go and chop his head off, but there was nothing. Anyone who has played Ghosthunter will know that RE:4 is really a ripoff of that average game. It is an excellent ripoff tho, which improves on that PS2 game in all areas, altho Ghosthunter could shoot and run/walk at the same time, IIRC. Our hero Leon is only about a year in the force, and has not yet mastered that technique, altho that shortcoming makes the game a lot more fun for me.

Music and atmosphere is great, altho I would have loved a better implementation of the music: Whenever there is a bunch of ppl/monsters to kill, the sound changes. Finish them off, and the music changes to something more sedate. And that is about how the game plays: Get into a section, blast off the enemies. Collect what you can. Move on. The addition of cutscene and ingame button presses at certain times (even during boss fights) are quite annoying, and also very unique at the same time. I refuse to mention anything about the president's daughter... "Don't worry Ashley, I'm coming for ya!".

I do think that RE4 is a step in the right direction for the series. I never once really felt any type of fear whilst playing. The fear factor in this game reminds me of Eternal Darkness: initially interesting, but gets long in the tooth very quickly.

A lot of ppl were encouraged to get a GC for this game. There are way better offerings on GC than this derivative action adventure with RPG-like elements. If you have never played GhostHunter before, then by all means get RE4. It's now only $19, and well worth it.


What other said:
Originally Posted by Revelade
I was drawn into the hype, but when I truly examined the game, I found nothing special. As a final note, I found the first 10 minutes to be much more enthralling than the last 10 hours.
Originally Posted by Messanic
Overall - 8.6
Wow, it's lower than everyone elses' ratings here, well the point is that I like this game and if you round up, you still get 9, so I can't be that far off. I actually borrowed both this game and a GCN from my friend and EB is selling GCN's for $60. This game is currently $50 so I might consider picking this up.
Originally Posted by Icarus4578
If you own a GameCube, you must own Resident Evil 4. That's really all there is to it. I couldn't put it down for almost an entire week -- That's how good it is. There's tons of substance behind the intoxicating visuals and secrets galore to keep you busy for hours on end. As of this very moment, RE4 is probably my favorite GC title.
Originally Posted by gearhound
Overall experience: 10/10
Resident Evil 4 is mind blowing. I have never experienced a game this intense before. If you disliked the controls of previous games in the series, or if you have never experienced Resident Evil before, you owe it to yourself to play Resident Evil 4. This game alone is worth purchasing a Gamecube for. Resident Evil 4 is one of the best games of this year and this generation.
Originally Posted by Joe Redifer
Wrap up:
This is probably the best game for the Gamecube. Do not pass this up. It is worth owning a Gamecube for. It is worth owning NOW. It is a quest game that I didn't get bored with. That should tell you something. This game rocks HARD!

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