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Well u make an account and pick a race like Human, Elve, Dwarves, or Orcs. So once u pick one u have to raise an army and attack other ppl that play. And what u do to make your army better is by upgrades buy weapons and train your ppl to attack, defend, or spy. Lets say u pick orcs so when u start u get one orc and 50,000 gold with 30 atack turns. Then what u do is maybe buy a few weapons cheap ones and buy how many orcs u get a day. Then every 30 min u will get one attack turn and 100 gold(your gold u get every 30 min will raise once in a while i use to get like 5,000 every 30 min) U use your attack turns to attack ppl(duh!) And everytime u attack and u win u will take some of their gold so u keep doing that to get more gold and upgrade stuff to make your army better. I hope this doesnt confuse cuz its not that confusing so if u want check it out and if u want to join click on the other link and u can join my team so your army can be a lil stronger.
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