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Originally Posted by Vicviper
Like I said, ALMOST any movie. I'm sure you can get other stellar classics such as Red Dawn and Rush Hour 1 & 2 and Friday the overrated POS Napoleon Dynamite and and the list goes on. But people didn't buy the PSP for games they bought it for movies and MP3s.
Just the name of that movie is disgracing. I've heard so many people say how good that movie was and how "funny" it was. I seen like 5 minutes of it and just got up and walked away. They're lucky that it was my cousin who wasted her money buying that movie and not me because Id've asked for a refund. As far as gettinga lmost any movie, it more or less depends on where you're buying them from. If you go to the "common" places like eb and whatnot, then you're going to find the most popular titles there... probably not readily available, but they're usually sold there. Now if you're finding something else (as far as umd movies), then you'd have to order them online because chances are eb isn't going to have them.

Originally Posted by Vicviper
But people didn't buy the PSP for games they bought it for movies and MP3s.
Which is the main reason my friend sold his. He wanted to look for good games and couldn't find many. I think he had only darkstalkers and what ever puzzle game that was for psp. I was going to get a psp instead of a ds, but something told me to get the ds instead. Not only that, but I had only enough for the ds and 1 game since my check was small that week. So I got the DS and now I'm happy about it. Even though I would enjoy mp3s on the go, but I don't like watching movies on the go. Also I'd rather much listen to my mp3s on my computer, which is hooked up to my stereo system and have better quality and very good volume.
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