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Indie/Freeware games

Dunno if I should sticky this one but it might turn out really good. Heres a huge list of games made by simple people like you and me, except they're talented and we're noobs. Alot of these games are original ones, some are remakes, and others are unofficial sequels of previous series out there. Some titles here look pretty cool, so heres the huge one

Heres some more with a little more polish to them. They got some great scores from review magazines. These ones you actually have to pay for though. Probably well worth it.

I've managed to mess with the one at th elink above, Aquaria. That game is quite lovely. GORGEOUS music, worth trying out. Add any you think you are awesome from elsewhere, or recommending any from the long list from that gamespot forum thread. If this thread pics up then I might sticky it cause theres quite a few awesome things around.
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