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1. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (2013) (PC) - January 27 - My favorite Assassin's Creed game so far. Really loved how well they respected the history of the Pirates during the Golden Age of Piracy and how they weaved the story. And the ship combat was fun. Really excited for Ubisoft's upcoming pirate game now, too. Game barely taxed my PC too, I was able to hike up ALL the effects to max and it never dipped under 60fps. Tons of thick volumetric smoke during ship fights with splinters and rubble everywhere. Awesome.
2. Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015) (PC) - February 3 - Aiight. Not as memorable as the first one, and super easy. Up the difficulty from the start. 'Tomb Raider' is default and it's easy mode. 'Season Raider' should have been default and normal, with 'Survivor' being hard mode and 'Extreme Survivor' being the hardest. I think the main reason it didn't feel memorable was that the story was kind of meh...
3. Alien: Isolation (2014) (PC) - March 11 - Probably the best Aliens game ever. Amazing sound design and music. Amazing game throughout, even with the subpar last half of the 3rd act. Played it on hard blind and was amazed at how good this was! If you are thinking of playing this, play it on hard mode! It'll beat your ass a little at first, but if you're crafty and conserve your items/weapons, you'll be fine. Also, fuck those androids! I can deal with the Alien just fine...but the androids? Forget about it!
4. Dishonored (2012) (PC) - March 15 - Fun stealth game with an amazing art direction that I loved. Story was decent, and moved pretty fast, which I liked. I thought it was too short, but it took me 20 hours to beat, so that's not too bad. Normal difficulty is stupid easy if you're a stealth veteran like myself. Glad I finally got around to this one, maybe it's time to look at the sequel too.
5. Doki Doki Literature Club (2016) (PC) - March 16 - Virtual Novel where cute anime girls in a book club fight over you and will do anything to have them become YOUR anime waifu!
6. A Way Out (2018) (PC) - April 5 - Pretty fun to play once with a friend. No reason to do it a second time. Minigames were pretty lame.
7. Frost Punk (2018) (PC) - April 26 - It's like SimCity...except during a perpetual winter with catastrophies always turned on. Actually really liked this game.
8. Pyre (2017) (PC) - May 3 - Ugh, kind of disappointed in this. It's got Visual Novel levels of reading, the story isn't that interesting, and the gameplay feels too basic. I appreciate SuperGiant taking a risk here, like they always do...but this time it didn't land with me.
9. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier (2016) (PC) - May 9 - Better than Season 2, but not one of Telltale's better games. The cast is interesting, but the scenarios and situations feel a little less organic. Often you just have one character flipping out for no reason and putting the entire group at risk.
10. Batman: The Enemy Within (2018) (PC) - May 10 - Probably the best Telltale game in terms of your choices actually having some kind of importance. Your relation with a certain character will determine what kind of story you get in Chapter 5 with most of the content being exclusive to each branch. An excellent take on the Joker and really strong performances all around.
11. Life is Strange (2015) (PC) - May 12 - A really amazing story and a fresh take on the genre. Graphics and animation are the weakest aspect, but the strengths of the game outweigh the negatives. If you like this genre, this is a must play. I thought it was just a flippant high school drama, but it really takes some dark turns that were unexpected for someone who went in nearly blind.
12. Detroit: Become Human (2018) (PS4) - May 27 - A typical David Cage game, which I absolutely love. Thought it was better than Beyond, but not as good as Heavy Rain. The addition of flowcharts showing options in each chapter is a good idea. Shows you how many different outcomes there actually are. Probably the best David Cage game, in terms of gameplay, though.
13. Life is Strange: Before the Storm (2017) (PC) - July 25 - A prequel to the Life is Strange game. I liked it virtually as much as the first game, even without the cool time travelling aspect. It's kinda weird seeing Rachel Amber in the flesh after the first game, as well as some characters like Frank Bowers. As with all prequels, you can't really imply that a character might die in a prequel...if they are in the sequel and this game falls victim to that. Also, the ending kinda wraps up a little too quickly for my tastes. Oh well, it was like, 1/5 the cost of the first game, so you can't really complain about it.
14. Final Fantasy XV (2016) (PC) - October 21 - First Final Fantasy game I've played all the way through since Final Fantasy XII, which I guess is just XII and its two sequels? But I actually enjoyed it for what it was...even if the modern looking aesthetics don't mesh too well. I mean, seeing chubby NPCs in khakis and polo shirts doesn't scream 'FANTASY' to me. Combat was at least interesting enough to keep me going for 81 hours, and I actually did like the comrade between Noctus, Gladio, Prompto, and Ingis a lot.
15. Red Dead Redemption II (2018) (PS4) - November 13 - 2018 GOTY Easy. I liked it even more than the first.
16. Batman: Arkham Knight (2015) (PC) - December 28 - Runs so much better on PC now. Played it on hard. Gonna get all the Riddler stuff and do the new DLC before I can say I've 100% all the Arkham games.

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