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This year I'm going to finish some of those hundreds of games still pending.


-Nier Automata ending A. Heard that this game got abecedary endings so probably going to get stuck for a while with this one.

-Nioh: Way of the wise difficulty, now going for Way of the demon difficulty wich is awesome how many enemies and bosses can one shot you. You just can't rage enough.

-Shin Megami Tensei IV: Chaos ending because everyone loves to do whatever the hell they want completing the full set. Got to get SMTIV Final some time later.

-Fire Emblem Echoes: got a bit disappointed towards the end but guess I was expecting more than what I should have given the fact that this is a remake and that previous remakes where not such a big deal also. Got it for 60% discount so no regrets there.
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