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Alright, since some of you nubs (Alex) have already started to play the game.

While most of you seem to be awesome at costume creator. I want to give some TIPS to any nubs out there who are just starting the game!!

- Use mostly dark and pale colors when creating a costume. This is what make a difference between a carefully crafted look, to say..

... something made of plastic that you picked up in the discount bin of Wal-Mart a week after Halloween.

- Face structure and choice is important. Most people leave it on the default hero face, default structure. This, for some reason, has been coined as the 'buttsex' face. Since so many people use it, for example my sister or teammate will send me a tell like.

"/tell, Dude, that guy has the buttsex face."

If you don't want the buttsex face, atleast change the face and keep the default build, but choose another face.

- Body Proportion. Make sure your body goes with your costume. Some pieces like robes or armor will make your waist and shoulders do weird things, so it's a good idea to set your body AFTER your costume.

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