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Not just to spite you, but I can pretty much guarantee that's the actual game there. How so? Well first off the resolution is 640x480, which is the Gamecube resolution. There is a bit of aliasing in the pic, but not much due to most of the solid (non glowing, etc) lines being perfectly horizontal. Not only that, but the HUD is up, which developers rarely show (see Halo 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, Gran Turismo 4). Instead they usually show alternative angles which are not possible to view in the game, with zero onscreen informatin that is always there normally (map, etc).

Despite this screen being not rendered specially, it is not a video capture, and that is obvious. It is an RGB capture. Kind of like when you take a picture of your computer desktop by pressing Print Screen or Apple+Shift+3. I believe that the development system for all consoles allows screen captures in that method, which I do not view as "cheating" like renders. The other possibility is that is running off of a Gamecube emulator and the screen was grabbed from that, but since the shot is from LucasArts I doubt that happened.. Either way, that is a real screen produced by the Gamecube itself. And since I have that particular game, I know what it looks like onscreen.

Also, why would they make the game look WORSE than it really is for an obviously Lucasfilm approved screenshot?

And yes, I sued Amiga!

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