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Xbox does indeed have jaggies, moreso than even the Dreamcast. All systems have jaggies because they are so low in their resolution. If your TV sucks ass and has a lot of color bleed, then yeah, you will probably not notice much in the way of jaggies, but at the same time you won't notice much in the way of actual detail either. It can also help if you need glasses to correct your vision and you take your glasses off as you play.

Check out the water in the DOA: XBV pics. Do you really think the water in the real game looks like the top pic? I think some of you need to turn the game on and look at the pics at the same time. If you like being deceived and believing BS propaganda still from the game companies, then go ahead and thing the render screens are actually representing what you will really see on your TV. If denial works for you, great!

Also, only a fanboy would insist that Xbox (or any system) is completely devoid of jaggies.
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