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Shocked Street Fighter Alpha Generations (AN)

There has been much talk about this anime. The majority of the fans were displeased by it, though I do not recall what was the cause, though for that I might blame the trailer that was shown in Evo 2005.

So the question that's going in your mind as you are reading this review is: "Is this thing even worth renting?" as I may assume (Oi I'm no psychic!). Well response to that, you will find as you read this review.

I have decided to add spoilers for those that are still not interested in checking this anime out (fags >P).

So without further ado-

Akuma/Gouki gets ready to fire a Haduken & damn does he look freaky in this image!

The Story:
This anime's story concentrates on both Ryu & Akuma/Gouki. The first quarter of the movie shows how Gouki/Akuma became what he is known to us today. While the rest of the movie is about Ryu wanting to fight Akuma/Gouki to avenge for his master's death.

That's the story, spoiler free.

The Characters:

Akuma/Gouki: OK, wow....don't let the images you've seen in the past months fool you, that's just Akuma/Gouki AFTER being possessed by the Satsu no Hadu! In reality Akuma/Gouki was a normal martial artist, training under the watching eyes of Master Gotetsu, however he was obsessed on becoming a powerful martial artist, or should I say 'Master of the Fists'. For that he worked hard on awakening Satsu no Hadu within him, despite the many warnings by his master, and it, alas became the demise of Master Gotetsu.
OK, yes Akuma/Gouki IS Ryu's father as is shown by the end of the movie

This is Akuma/Gouki BEFORE accepting the Satsu no Hadu...and after a beating from Gouken

Ryu: OK, another wow! I just like how Ryu is portrayed in this anime! Not only that, HE ACTUALLY WEARS NORMAL CLOTHES! Thank god, and all this time I thought that he was cheap to the point he wouldn't even buy clothes!

In this anime he goes to his old dojo where he trained with Ken & Master Gouken, so that he can get ready top avenge his master's death. To cover up for that, he's using the fact that he and Ken are gonna meet at the dojo because it was the day their master died at. Guess he doesn't want people to stop him from fighting Akuma/Gouki.
Is it me or does he have the hots for Fuka?

...and here I thought he had a horrible fashion sense!

Retsu: This old man meets Ryu at the dojo, and does a little sparring with him, in which after he let's him, stay at his place & train so that he may fight Akuma/Gouki. Strangely enough, you don't see the training, looks like it got cut off in the final cut.

Gouken: I could swear he looks like Ryu. The other student of Gotetsu & the brother of Gouki/Akuma. He looks after and watches over Ryu & Ken's training when they were young, until he met his end at the hands of Akuma/Gouki.
In this anime, it shows that Ryu witnessed his death, while it was actually Ken & Gouken's (forgotten) daughter that witnessed it. No complain here though

Sayaka: She is Gotetsu's daughter & sort of looks after Gouken & Gouki.
Looks like Akuma/Gouki had some fun with her before he went Satsu no Hadu heehee.

...and if you still don't get it, she's Ryu's biological mother, w00t.

Fuka: This beautiful young lady lives with her grandfather. Not much I can say.
I believe she is the forgotten daughter of Gouken. IMO I like her design more than what was described by Capcom. ...and is it me or does Ryu have the hots for her?

Gotetsu: The master of Akuma/Gouki & Gouken. Having knowledge in the forbidden arts of Ansatsuken, it seems he can even perform the Shun Goku Satsu! He meets his demise at the hands of his own student, Akuma/Gouki.

Akuma/Gouki gets a beating from his master

Sakura Kasugano: She came aaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way from Tokyo for a lil' one-on-one with Ryu. Her fight wasn't bad IMO.

Ken Masters: Poor Masters does NOTHING in this anime, though his design in this anime is horrible.

The artwork:
OK, hit & miss. The animation is VERY nice and fluid, however some of the facials are a bit annoying, while some facials look ugly. I personally like how Akuma/Gouki looks like in this anime, even though he looks like a pig, LOL. The one thing that pissed me off though was how the Hadukens were portrayed in this anime, as they don't have the feel of the game's Haduken in them (I liked SFII's Hadukens). However, the special effects for the Hadukens look cool.

a) Brain damage
b) Heart failiure
c) A new keyboard
d) All of the above

The poster of this link, however, has no responsibilty if any of the above happened

The action & stuff:
Not much comedy, though Retsu pulled off a semi-perv around 20 or so minutes into the anime, though I personally don't think he's a perv, maybe he did that cuz he wanted to make the girls laugh. The fights are REALLY good, and better than I expected, but like I said the Hadukens weren't that good. Still...this animes fights might actually be THE BEST fights I've seen yet in a fighting game based off anime! I won't spoil them for you, you gotta seem them to know what I mean (or not).

This anime is more about drama as it concentrates on what Ryu wants to become & the true reason on why he wants to fight Akuma/Gouki.

I should note that the anime feels short as there could've been more scenes in it (assuming so it would at least be 1 hour), but I was really satisfied with it.

Oh and BTW....the final fight in the anime will make you go 'WTF?!'...and for those that still don't have a clue on what the heck it's about:
Those are the souls whose lives were affected by the Satsu no Hadu

Ryu gets a taste of geezer fu

The audio:
Music was fine, since I dled this anime, I only got the Jap VAs which were really good, though I could swear the Retsu's voice sounded very similar to that bastard Mayuri's voice from the Bleach anime. Personally I liked his voice.

The left-overs:
Hmmm we get to see a false Shun Goku Satsu in this anime, which is weird. Also the Satsu no Hadu is only referred to by the end of the anime it seems. A couple of mix-ups on official stuff. ...and Ryu actually wearing normal clothes for once.

I swear Ryu looks like Batsu/Daigo in this image! The haduken sucks though

Final Score: 4/5
Needed some more scenes. Art was hit & miss. Really good fights & we FINALLY get to know the origins of Ryu. Seriously people, at least try to rent this thing, you may need to change your keyboard due to the art (puking), but you will be satisfied with the fights & the climax to this whole thing.

I need to remind you that this movie is ALL about Ryu & Akuma/Gouki, so don't expect Dan or R. Mika to pop up as cameos or anything.
...and I remind you, Akuma/Gouki & Sayaka ARE Ryu's parents

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