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Cool Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (SEGA Genesis)

Title: Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Genre: Platform
Console: SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive
Players: 2 Players
Released: 1992

The game's intro was one of the best I've ever seen

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was, to me, the game that introduced me into the world of gaming. I originally had Super Mario Bros. for the NES (I.e. I owned an NES), however that game didn't appeal to me as much as this game did (though I did enjoy Super Mario Bros.). In fact Sonic 2 was like the first game me & bros spent the MOST time trying to beat, even though we were not successful at defeating the final boss of the Death Egg (that sorry excuse for an Eggrandizer), but we had enjoyed that game A LOT. So here is my review for this wonderful game & I hope you'll enjoy it like my other reviews .

The review:
I found it pretty hard to give a score for each category, so I decided to add them all up into one section:-

After the heavenly glorious word 'SEGA' is pronounced, you are shown the game's 'intro' and main menu. As a kid I just liked how Sonic & Tails came out & each striking a pose, now that I look at it, I would wonder how I would've felt had I played A LOT of games back then (for NES, SNES & SEGA Genesis, etc.).

There are only 3 selections from the main menu: 1 Player, 2 Player (Vs. mode) & the options mode. In options, you can listen to the game's music, choose to play as Sonic & Tails or just Sonic or Tails. You can also set the items to be used in Vs. mode.

In Vs. mode you go up against your friends are Sonic or Tails & race to the end of 3 zones & 1 special stage. The one who beats the stages first wins. There are only 4 places to play in: Emerald Hill, Casino Night, Emerald Special Stage & Mystic Cave. Each have a different theme than if you'd play them in 1 Player mode. The stages seem the same as the normal ones, but the power-ups (shoes & ProtectoBubbles) are replaced with boxes with a '?' in them, indicating a random power-up.
The only problem with this Vs. mode would be the lack of stages & that the screen is split horizontally killing off the game's beautiful graphics. Still this is a nice addition if you're bored with completing the game so many times.

In 1 Player mode, you go through 10 Zones, the first zones are divided into 2 acts. At the end of the 2nd act you will face Eggman/Robotnik in one of his so-called 'brilliant-0.0000001%-chance-of-failure Egg-machines' or whatever they're officially called.

Chemical Plant is one of my fav. stages belive it or not! In the past I used to hate it cuz I lost a lot in it, but now...heh

For most of the stages, you can just run through them collecting some rings along the way & dodging or destroying some of the Badniks & picking power-ups until you complete an act. TBH that's what I do whenever I play the game. If you wish to take an alternate approach at completing the game, you could always try to collect the 8 Chaos Emeralds (7 normal ones & 1 Master?), which when all are gained, allow Sonic to transform into Super Sonic after collecting 50 rings & jumping!

To get a Chaos Emerald, you must have 50 or so rings, pass a check-point and then jump into the circle formed around the check-point's tip. This will take you to a Special Stage where you must collect a set number of rings & dodge some explosives until you are qualified to getting an Emerald. The difficulty of the Special Stages increase as you collect more Emeralds. Later stages are so hard that you may re-enter the same Special Stage a couple of times before you can get the damn gem. Heh, as a kid I always thought that Sonic 2's Special Stages were easier than Sonic 3's, but back then, I never reached the 4th or 5th Special Stage .

Achieving Super Sonic, isn't something I would recommend as, unlike Sonic 3, you turn into him after collecting 50 rings and JUST jumping. I've had a few troubles in Wing Fortress (Airship zone) when playing as Super Sonic, add to that the difficulty of colleting later Emeralds that I usually ignore them and just get on with the zones.

The special stage

I really like how you can just run across a stage at high-speed until you reach the end of the stage. I know this game isn't about 'run as fast as you can till the end of the stage', since not all stages are like that, but the feel of running at high speed sort of gives me a fun feel.

Like I stated, this isn't about 'run as fast as you can till the end of the stage'. There can be a lot of obstacles in your way that might slow you down, but if you're careful enough, you can get by them pretty easily & still make it to the end with enough rings & time for some big numbers (score). Some stages of such include Chemical Plant 2, Aquatic Ruins (For some reason I don't hate this stage much), Mystic Cave & Metropolis (God I hate that zone!!!).

If you've thought that Eggman/Dr. Robotnik was a tough mo-fo back in the old days, try him now. I mean SERIOUSLY, he's FAR more easier than I thought he was! Heck for most of his fights, you can just time a right jump & Sonic (or Tails) will keep juggling on him damaging him while he grins thinking his toys are indestructible! Heck even the FINAL boss of the Death Egg turned out easier than I thought he was!

Time your jump & Sonic'll juggling on Buttnik till he goes boom! Don't forgot to jump away, cuz this trick could be hazardous!

There doesn't to seem to be any difference when playing as Sonic or Tails (alone), though I think since Tails is shorter than Sonic, it's possible for him to dodge some attacks. Plus Tails' is so cute.

I really like the game's graphics, the backgrounds & the stages all mix pretty well with each other and use a great mix of colour. Sonic's arms look so thin in this game BTW. Also I'd like to comment on how it really cracks me up how Eggman/Robotnik laughs whenever you hit him. I mean how over-confident could one get?!

The game's music is great & unforgettable (IMO at least)! The stage's themes are just beautiful & are all my favourites with Mystic Cave's being my personal favourite (No really!).

Beating the game just gives a slide show of images & then Sonic jumps at you with congratulate you for beating the game. The same thing applies if you beat it with all Emeralds IIRC.

Ah...and before I forget- Playing as Knuckles in Sonic 2. Of course, for the SEGA Genesis, you'll need Sonic & the Sonic & Knuckles game to play as the red dude in this gem. He has all his abilities from Sonic 3 in here, which could make beating the stages a little less tougher. Speaking of which, I don't remember what happens if you beat the game with him .

Rating: 9/10
All in all this classic is one hell of a fantastic game. Some of my old memories are still engraved in my mind. If you still don't have the Sonic Mega Collection, then move your ass and get one to play this great game, with it's colourful stages, catchy music & fun & simple game play!

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