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New Smash Direct News

New Smash Direct:

New characters announced for Smash:

Simon Belmont, Richter Belmont, King K. Rool, Chrom and Dark Samus. They are all getting amiibos.

New stages include New Donk City Hall and Dracula's castle from Castlevania. You can turn hazards on and off now.

Dracula will appear as a stage boss, randomly.

Rathalos from Monster Hunter will show up as BOTH a boss and an assist trophy.

Shovel Knight is in an assist. So are Grey Fox from MGS, Knuckles from Sonic, Alucard from Symphony of the Night and...the moon from Majora's Mask.

There's a Super Smash Bros Ultimate LIMITED EDITION being released

-Copy of SSBU
-Ultimate Edition Nintendo GameCube Controller
-Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter

There are roughly 800 music tracks for the new Smash and 103 stages.

34 of the music tracks will be from Castlevania.

This really looks like a hell of a game.
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