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I really want the Grandia series to come back. Such great games. That combat system is still the best, and i remember the eating scenes aswell, wich were Hrandia's version of the Tales skits.

Why did they stop making them?

Grandia 3 wasnt that bad to warrant the end of the series. It was still great, just not as original as the first 2.

Anyways, fingers crossed for Grandia 4. No reason not to do it with PS4's sucess and the resurgence of JRPG's.

Lunar though... is sadly dead. They messed it up too much and the formula got repetitive after the second game. The second game i thought was brilliant, but i think its a 90's kind of formula that unfortunely doesnt work anymore cause everything has to be gritty and serious now. I don't see romantic stories working anymore.
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