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right just got an update to the ticket .. there is weekly server maintencace until 10am ..

fine .. then why not put that on the log in screen and fuck error message .. dear god ..


10am coms and goes ..

i get another patch .. think now i'll get to play ... but no .. same connection error .. rubbish .. you cant update tickets with square .. can only send them new ones and there is no help line phone nuumber .. what utter fucking tosh


finally in

character create is very nice will give them that


ok 1st i'll say looks amazing for an MMO .. no getting away from that .. i'm running it on high with no issues whats so ever ..

big issue so far is that there is ZERO guidance as to what the hell you are to do or where you are to go .. just get dumped in a city with people millng around with no indication who you need to speak to etc .. all trial and error .. bit blloody stupid tbh its going to get very annoying very quickly i think
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