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Wii Component Cables Update

Available online and at select retailers when the system launches. Details inside.

We recently caught up with Nintendo of America's vice president of marketing and corporate affairs, Perrin Kaplan, to chat about all things Wii. Our first question was naturally related to how we might come by the hotly sought after component cables for the console - a hurdle that haunts our dreams. Nintendo previously announced that the cables would be able to purchase online, but now we have further clarification. This is a snippet from the conversation:

IGN Wii: What's up with Wii component cables? When can we get them, and how?

Perrin Kaplan: The component cable is going to be sold online and it's also going to be at three retailers. So Circuit City, GameStop and Best Buy. They'll have it online and they'll have it at retailers.

IGN Wii: Oh great, so you'll be able to walk in and buy them at those retailers? Fantastic.

Perrin Kaplan: Yeah. And we did that just because we knew that you were being really grumpy about it. Just kidding! But we knew you were really worried about it.
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