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Ok this game has a special place in my heart. Its just so wonderful and lovely. How can I describe it... Its basically a platformer. You're this little mutant hairy alien blob with arms and legs, and you can spit fire at your enemies. You collect things during the stage like mushrooms and later trade them for weapons at the shop. So the game consists of you going along hophop platformer sideways mario style, and then when you get to the end area, you have 1 dungeon style screen. This is where the game captured my heart. One of you friends is trapped to a torture device! Your mission is to reach them and save them before something BAD happens... Observe yon screen!!

Thats you at the lower right standing like a retard. You have to figure your way around and stop them with their ADVANCED ALIEN machine stsrem to stop your friend from being hax0red up by the chainsaw. But what happens if you dont make it in time I hear you ask? Well, your friend gets to the chainsaw, and you see him FLAILING as blood SPEWS out and he quickly dies. It was one of the greatest moments I'd ever seen in a video game. This game was released back in 1990, and even the GLORIOUS Zzzap!! magazine gave this game a 96% score. Sadly I cant remember too much about it, but that chainsaw stage is permanently etched into my brain. The game spawned a sequel, which I heard was even harder but I never got a chance to mess with it... My score..


Heres some screens! C-64 first as always.


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