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Atari ST was a brilliant system. But yeah, it had alot of games that did the rounds from Amiga/C64/Amstrad. Much joy and fun.. Which leads me to my first old time review C64 classic! I might follow up with an Amiga one, but my soul is owned by the C64 era..

PSI-5 Trading Company

Going by memory now so correct me if I stuff up somewhere, those who have played it..

I'd like to start off by simply saying back in the days when the internet wasnt around you pretty much just bought games off the shelf and hoped it was a hit or miss. Ofcourse there were some gaming magazines around, like the BRILLIANT 'Zzzap C64' magazine. Lots of info on C64 games, and with people who were actually funny. The only gaming magazine I ever collected happily.

Ok.. I bought Psi-5 when I saw it on the shelf, had no idea what it was but it was there and I wanted it. Basically its a space trading game, though without any focus on trading. You chose your route paths, short, medium, or long. Each one was longer and more dfficult then the last. Now the main MEAT of the game was to choose your 5 crew mates who would help you along the mission. Picture below shows some mor einfo..

There were quite a few different races to choose from for each section, and each one was either very good at something specific or not, such as not being able to handle pressure too well. Which meant when you were under attack there was a good chance they'd go flakey and screw up often.

You would select each section and then get a list of other things you could choose. Like say Scan for example, you would go in and depending how many ships were around, you could scan them to see if they were enemies or not, so as to get the jump on them instead of being hit first. They could also lock on ships so your weapons would be acurate.

Other cool parts was engineering, where you could move power about the ship to have more for weapons, more for shields, etc etc, depending on how badly you were being owned at the time. Repair was straight forward, fixing a list of stuff broken, weapons etc Navigation choosing your route and how fast to be travelling etc.

I'm being fairly simple with the descriptions, but I dont think I need to write a story on each one of them if you get the general idea of it. Where the big green bar with the chat is where you got your ship commands, and you could also chat to each of the crew.

The game was brilliant and challenging. Not TOO indepth, but a real challenge and great fun to play. I must of completed this game at least a couple dozen times.

Alucard Metre of orgasmic pleasure, 9/10 .. This game was damn fun and hectic.
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