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Review: Videogame

Platform: Mega Drive / Genesis

Genre: 2D shooter

Sub Terrania

Back in the day, i bought this interesting but whom i knew nothing about shooter. Of course, after i plugged it in my console i was blown away. It was only today that i bothered to look at the box and discover that the developer of this master-piece belongs to a company by the name of Scavenger. I dont know much about 2D shooter developers but i did get the ideia i heard the name somewhere. Anyways lets get to the game itself.

This is not the typical shooter where you have dozens of enemies and enemy fire going at you at once. In this game strategy is of the essence since you have limited fuel to travel about. Also you can move freely through the environments instead of the usual pre-set path that marks the genre. So, the playability goes mainly by directioning the way in wich you will boost your ship and pointing her towards what you want to shoot. Also to make maters more interesting theres always a constant gravity force that slowly pulls your ship down. Obviously if you hit walls or try to land in an incorrect way, your shield will feel the heat has well has with enemy fire. So theres two ways to die in this game: taking damage while having no shield energy or running out of fuel. Obviouslu power ups to weapons, fuel podes and even ship railways appear to spice things up.

With all these elements in mind, the playabilty resumes itself to strategy (what path to take while spending the less fuel) and timing & aiming (to shoot thing down at first so you dont spend more fuel to get back into a good position). Its simple but incredibly enjoying and is ultimatly one of the strong points of the game. Yet, theres even more to it.
The graphics are wonderfully rich, portraing different textures in the caves walls, yet its the giant vegetation and wonderfully designed and textured enemies(from giant bugs to giant robots) and bosses (each beeing awfully big and interesting. For example the first boss wich is a 4 faced boss where you have to destroy the heads by order so you can kill it) that make this title truly unique. Also expect some nifty speacial effects in the main upgrades of you weapons. Not flashy but beautiful instead.
The presentation before the missions is also top notch with the classical green and black flasing screen showing the next areas map and objective (saving survivor, destrying outposts. That kind of thing.).

Where this game goes off the roof is in the soud department. Some incredible tunes for the hardware it was in that give off the feel of a mystic and abandoned/hopeless space station. Definitly top notch stuff that i have never yet again heard in another game. Definitly a soundtrack i wish i had. The story is of little importance and goes like this :
Aliens have invaded a vital subterranean mining colony. Use light speed reflexes and total concentration to fly your prototype fighter through impossible caverns rescuing miners and blasting the aliens into the darkest pits of space!

The fact is: this title is unique and definitly a sleeper hit of the Mega Drive/Genesis days. Never something like it has ever been created again that i know of. But, this game still holds strong besides the years that have gone by. A definite must-have that is problably out of the reach of most by now. Im surely a pround owner of a copy.

Rating 9/10
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