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I watched my friend play it. I was semi interested in the game at first but after watching him play a couple stages I decided it was not for me. Stage design was bland. There was a part where the stage was copy pasted 3 times in a row with barrels and steps placed in different sections to make it look different. Thats piss poor. The textures/colours/stage layouts were also fairly bland with not much character in it. Being able to disarm every grenade thrown at you just made grenades useless in the game. And the biggest issue I had with it is you would go for ages before you would hear any kind of chatter, whether it be from guards or the people who sent you in. It felt totally lifeless.

5-6 is borderline shit, not average. All the fps games that 'majority' of the xbox gamers seem to like that I think are shit is probably a good example to give by following what all my friends seem to think of the game. If the games they enjoy are shit to me, lord help me if I tried to play an fps they found average. Going from previous examples I've had with them, I think its more accurate then a wayne rooney example. We're talking about people who played and completed duke nukem forever and AVP here.
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