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hmm...looks like theres only 1 emulator for the DS and some games dont run super smooth. So you need to frameskip with some. Annoying... Still, sounds like it runs alot just fine. Looks like all you need is an SD card to load it on.


Copy your c64 diskimages (.D64) to a folder called /rd on the root of your flashcard. Startup the emulator and it will allow you to select the d64 disk to mount on drive 8. Press the right trigger to automatically type LOAD"*",8,1 and then RUN.

During gameplay the dpad and a and b buttons are used for your joystick. Press select to switch between the joystick ports 1 or 2.

dpad directions up,down,left,right
a button joystick firebutton
b button space key
More instructions here and also the download link.

As far as pc emulators go, those are beyond easy to use. You have to be killzone2 gamer to not be able to figure it out.
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