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Originally Posted by fruitsofherwomb
I heard in Japan the full game isn't even open.... i wonder if we will start with level cap 50 like japan (they got raised to 60 now)
the Level Cap will be 50 and then it will be updated to 60 and so on.

Originally Posted by Newtype
I hope the item drop rates on this are reasonable, on dreamcast you could only ever dream of finding any rares. I mean I know they're rares for a reason but seriously...
on the BETA I did get 2 11 star items in one mission.

Originally Posted by fruitsofherwomb
The 360 version is the only one post poned till that day according to the PSO-world users. PC and PS2 should still be out. 360 shall be out tommrow.

Most places isn't getting the game till 25th or the 26th. Don't know why... shipping delay? My Gamestop said they'll have it today. I' REALLY REALLY hope they do.

I'll post later. its 8:41 AM right now. they open at 10 am.

::edit:: ::edit::

^^^ says the 25th
my gamestop said to check after 12 because UPS hasn't gotten there yet
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