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The Legend of Zelda:The Minish Cap

A few months ago, people were creaming thier pants over the new 'adult Link' game for the gcn at E3. While the new gba game was right around the corner, all people could talk about was how great this new Zelda game would be and how much it would put off Nintendo's self induced 'kiddy' image. The Minish Cap is a brand new game, it may not be the already overrated adult Link game, but it's still a new game in the series. I made the mistake of importing the Japanese version and the euro version came out just a few days after I got my copy. Despite my last post, I've decided not to return my Japanese version, I have the euro rom and when I've done everything in that I'm going to play my Japanese copy. I'll know where to go and exactly what thier saying, but most importantly, the game is good learning material, I need to learn more Hiragana and Katakana anyway.

Story - 7
They say don't leave your keys in your car, even if your in a good nieghborhood, and they're right about that one... A new villian known as Vaati has broken the Picori blade, opened "the magic chest," and released evil upon the land of Hyrule and it's up to Link to save Hyrule, again. Why don't they just leave the boy alone, I'm sure there are child labor laws. I will say that prior to Vaati screwing things up, you'll immediately be reminded of one of the best overrated games for the snes.

Graphics - 9
Nice fluent animation, theres a lot of special effects too. They even have that snot nosed little kid too. The enemies are awsome too, theres killer fox's with knives, theres also two different worlds to look at. It does get hard to see Link on the gba though, it's not that hard for me to see him on my pc moniter, but on a gba, expect to die when you shrink yourself. Theres a bunch of nice special effects, and the bosses are very high in detail. Flagship did a good job capturing the art style of the first gcn game on the gba.

Sound - 8
They have the same voices from the Wind Waker, but thier less annoying. The signiture themes are here and some new songs, I just love the theme to the Minish Forest and those cuckoo's. Good sound.

Gameplay - 8
Even if your new to the series, I'm not about to talk about the gameplay like it is new, cause it ain't. You run around, talk to people, kill stuff, explore, and solve puzzles, just like in all the other Zelda games before and most likely after, and it never gets old. They did add some stuff though, you now have to learn new skills from the Skill Master, he gives you a scroll and teaches you a skill after you finish a dungeon. I've learned the Spinning Attack and Pot Smasher, next I learn how to 'run really fast.' You also can roll now and use Kinstones. These broken medallions are scattered all across Hyrule and can be found in many treasure chests, and under rocks and bushes. You can use them by going up to people and pressing L, if they have the corresponding part to your kinstone then they will unite and reveal a useful item on your map. They may be a piece of heart, rupees, a map/hint, etc. The four sword puzzles also return, and my guess is that I'll need to complete the first four dungeons to use them. The magic seashells also return but in short, the same game with more fetch quests and from what it looks like, it's going to be pretty lengthy.

Legacy - 10
It deserves the Zelda name, another Zelda game that does nothing remotely new. It still does things noteworthy of making it very similar yet somewhat different to and from all the other Zelda games.

Replay - 10
It's a damned Zelda game, you'll be doing speed runs, getting all items and ****. Theres tons to do and I can say that I'll definitely be playing this game again and again. This game will hold you off until the new one for gcn comes out.

Overall - 8.7
All I have to say is get off Adult Links' penis, and play this game as soon as possible. Yes, I've been insulting people that were impressed like the mainstream over a new Madden game. But remember, there are many other good games to play while you actually wait for that anticipated one. That's where games like The Minish Cap come in.
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