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This is a game that I played back in the day, and man was it awsome. One of my old friends borrowed this game from his dad for awhile, we played the hell out of it. Sadly we were never able to beat it. However, thanks to my developed gaming skillages today, I was able to overcome this weakness known as the hard difficulty. Ranger-X or Ex-Ranza in Japan, is a 2d side scrolling action shooter, you pilot this giant robot through 6 stages of totally awsome shooting action. Each stage has you take out these weird generator machine thingys, some stages have 6 others have 8, etc. After that, its onward to fight the boss of each respective stage. Now, onward with the review.

Graphics - 8
Theres a bunch of stuff going on all at once, there are things exploding, moving, or shooting at you at all times and there really isn't any slowdown. The sprites in the game have an amazing amount of animations, when Ranger-X turns to the left, he literally turns to the left and vice versa. You also have either a little ship thingy or a one wheeled motorcycle that will automatically follow you too. So as I've said before, theres a bunch of stuff going on and it all just happens to not get in the way. The mission objectives at the beginning of each stage are also shown in wire frame 3d.

Sound - 8
This game has one of the best ost's that I've ever heard. The first stage will leave you humming the tune all day long. They all fit the environments that your in and the sound effects when blowing stuff up along with the sounds of bullets hitting metal is wierd, but definitely gets the point across.

Gameplay - 10
What can I say, the gameplay is awsome, this game uses both six and three button controllers. You can use R-X's left shot to turn and shoot left, and vice versa with the right shot, you can also control your vehicles to either accellerate or back up and even make it shoot. With the ride armor, you also have the ability to either stand on and ride the motorcyle or the ship or fuse with them and wreak havoc. When standing on the motorcyle, you will can shoot with the bike, R-X, or both, and when fused together, shoot homing shots, you can also jump by holding downfor a set amount of time. With the ship, you can heal yoursel, this of course takes up energy, not life. Special weapons can also be used by R-X and you start with a wave grenade and flame thrower, but as you progress through the game you'll find hidden weapons. They can only be switched while fused with the vehicles though, and again, the special weapons also take up energy. The only way to get energy is by standing in the sunlight. There are also power stations that heal you when in levels where you can't use your ship and mini powerstations which of course serve the same purpose, they can't be used more than once though.

Once again using the powerstations will drain you of your energy, and in later levels you will need to learn how to use your energy since recharging can be a little hard to do. You can also fly by pressing up, you have a meter and when it hits red, you'll lose altitude, so use your booster wisely, thankfully it quickly fills up when you touch the ground. Now in each stage your given a mission to take out a certain amount of generators, after that, you'll fight a boss. In the end the game sounds easy but, it provides a pretty awsome difficulty, especially on Heavy.

Innovation - 10
Yes innovation, the word that has been abused by Nintendo fanboys around the world. This game is very innovative, with sophisticated controls and concepts on how to handle your machine's energy, and giving a good feel of what it's like to pilot a giant robot is definitely something. The way light is used in this game makes the creator of Boktai look stupid imo, since there isn't a light sensor in this game and it was made in '93.

Replay - 6
I loved this game, but after beating it, I felt like I had just beat Brave Fencer Musashi. This is definitely a seasonal or monthly game, as you wont want to play it again right away, but it would suck if you wanted to play it and you didn't have it anymore.

Overall - 8.4
If you have not played Ranger-X, I suggest you get on ebay and hunt it down. It's a great game that not many have played, definitely one of the best in my genesis collection.
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