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The Rub Rabbits
Nintendo DS

I prefer the Japanese name for the game:
"Where Do Babies Come From?"

Feel the Magic XY XX, the best DS launch game (by leaps and bounds) is back with a prequel! This time around it is A LOT bigger and is, in fact, one of the biggest DS games yet (rumored to be around 128 megaBYTES or more). Like Feel the Magic this offers a lot of different and fun minigames in which you must first woo the girl and then keep her from forgetting you and a whole bunch of other nonsense. If you liked the first game, you'll love this one as well. If you didn't love the first game, there is something wrong with you and you should be imprisoned forever.

As always, sumo wrestlers impede you on the escalator.

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics are the same style as Feel the Magic, with the silhouette style and the motion captures. Again they seem like Sega Saturn 3D graphics, but that's not a bad thing. The animation is all very smooth and often quite quirky, with goofy animations resulting from the onscreen craziness.

The evil genius girl throws all of her love at you and you must kick it away like a bastard.
Yes, you must hold the DS sideways for this scene. You must hold it upside down for some others.

Sound: 7/10
Very similar to Feel the Magic, but unfortunately everything is now pronounced correctly instead of with the extreme Japanese accent of the first game. I miss that kookiness. The music is mostly good in a crazy way, but a lot of it repeats a bit too often. Be careful about where you play this game, as some of the sounds the girls make sound VERY porn-ish and people around you might want to watch, too! The stereo effect is once again very good. You can unlock a sound test by defeating the game.

The bull stampede is back... sorta. You must also destroy
lots of hearts from the evil girl which can be insanely tough.
Hint: Your DS came with TWO styluses. Think "John Woo Style".

Gameplay: 8/10
Get ready for more silly minigames. While the first game only had 18 different scenarios, this game has 37! There were times when I was thinking that the game was maybe too long, but I'd put it down and come back a day or two later and be back having fun trying to win again. Naturally you try to win the interest of the girl who barely notices you and completely ignore the girl who wants you big time. She ends up being the main enemy of the game as you do not want her love. I think you should do her real quick anyway just to calm her down and she seems quite willing. This game is also a bit harder than the first game. There is actually a way to skip a scene if you are too much of a wimp to get past it, and believe me I was tempted to do that on more than one occasion. But I didn't. There is an easy way to get past any stage. I persevered. I beat the game and I didn't even use a Game Genie. A few scenarios make their way back from the first game, but are reworked slightly and not quite as kooky. There's nothing totally crazy like rubbing goldfish out of some dude's gut. Oh and for the record, I have grown to absolutely HATE blowing on my DS for any reason. I do not like talking to it or screaming at it, either. It's not fun. All DS games need to stop doing this. This game also brings back the pointless "mania" mode and a bunch of other stuff like the ability for two players to make a baby together. I made a baby with myself and it turned out pretty messed up. It also features wireless modes and crap like that. It isn't online, but who gives a f-ck?

Instead of typing numbers to open parachutes, this time
you must blow them off to oblivion with your stinky breath.

Wrap up:
Yet another game that can only be done on the DS. Well worth your money and time. What other game allows you to fight the final boss using only your love? What other game allows you to make a baby with members of the same sex? Lots of great minigames to come back to again and again... if you don't skip anything in the story mode, that is (otherwise they won't be playable in the "Memories" section). Now I await my Wario Ware DS sequel.
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