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That's a very loose use of the word masterpiece. Back then FF games came mre often and the next sold very much in reaction to the previous title. VIII benefited from VII's sucess, but IX took the brunt of it, despite being one of the best in the series.
So, sales are not exactly what i consider a good measurement of quality.

Not worrying about the junction and draw system was possibly their biggest mistake cause it really killed the game. Draw for days boredom. Missing on GF's if you forget to draw them, not using magic cause it would make you lose stats/get weaker. That neglicence is exactly what screwed the game over.
The setting was ok. The school kids setting while cliché was not the problem. It was only when the orphanage children conveniently got reunited one by one and couldn't remember each other cause the GF's gave them selective memory loss. It was appauling. I remember that infamous scene on the abandoned football field and how the game was ruined right there for me. That was duuumb!
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