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Nintendo hit with another leak, including source code for 3DS OS and Pokemon Diamond

Except to see a flood of Pokemon clones hitting the emulation scene soon, as I said before, Nintendo's the worst of the big three for security.

Nintendo hit with another leak, including source code for 3DS OS and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

2020 has been very active as far as Nintendo leaks are concerned. We’ve seen files and code being distributed online involving Pokemon Gen 2 and Pokemon Gen 3, not to mention assets involving Wii (though its severity was later downplayed).

Unfortunately for Nintendo, it appears that the leaks won’t be ending anytime soon. The latest report concerns data coming online for the 3DS operating source code and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl.

Today’s 3DS leak is different from what we previously saw from Wii in the sense that documentation isn’t included. However, development files have been found from the early days of production. The leak apparently contains pretty much everything you’d want to know about how the 3DS works.

It may take some time to sift through all of the new files. But based on early reports, one file may indicate that NVIDIA was originally involved with the 3DS and was in development since 2006 as there are references in one early dev log.

As for Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, while the source code has leaked, it appears that there aren’t any major discoveries (at least for now). Fans haven’t detected any prototype Pokemon similar to the earlier generations.


Pokemon Gen 3 source code leaks, some new details discovered

It was just last month that the second generation of Pokemon games were hit with a huge leak. A ton of sprites surfaced, offering a look at a bunch of different beta designs.

There are even more Pokemon leaks, this time impacting Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. We won’t be sharing any links here, but source code for the games have appeared online.

Some fans have gone to work and poked through all the various files and codes in hopes of uncovering previously-unknown information. Twitter user eclipse_tt has shared some of the early discoveries, which are as follows:

– Leaks suggest Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire were supposedly scheduled for March 17, 2003, but were released four months earlier because the development of the game was completed ahead of time
– New feature never used for the Pokemon Contests: Contest judges would have had data for their Favorite Type Pokemon or Favorite Move to add points at the end of the contest
– Beta/prototype name for Jirachi: Ganboo
– Beta/prototype name for Deoxys: Jiigen
– Beta/prototype name for Plusle: Bachin
– Beta/prototype name for Minun: Bachikone
– Based on index numbers, there may have been 68 tentative Pokemon included that were never released
– Their designs have not surfaced at this time
– There could have been a completely different dynamic to battles with the potential of combining moves
– Ex: Ember and Gust combined to make the move Heat Wave
– The code appeared in the games’ final releases, so combining moves had been previously spotted
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