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Originally Posted by Zack View Post
i had a similar problem once. it works because internal motherboard usb headers use a different chipset. your other one must not be compatible w/ that device.
It's not that, I would think that if it was a old device on a new computer, but my MB is the same one that I used with this E. HDD, the only difference is Windows 7 and more ram and 3d card.

It just wouldn't recognize it on probably the win7 64bit version. I'm thinking if it was the 32 bit win 7 it probably would have worked without error.

I just ordered for a new External enclosure from newegg that has esata, since my board supports it, I'm just going to get a 2TB HDD and use that from now on.

Just going to throw out this stupid external now once the new enclosure comes in and I transfer everything to it.
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