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Originally Posted by KingOfSentinels View Post
They seem to be catering this Mac more towards Gaming since I read the article on Kotaku showing it running Diablo 3 at insane high res, but very little people buy a Mac with intent to game on it so it's not like there's even a huge market out there. Even with Windows on the laptop, so I knew every game would at least work on it, still no way in hell I'll pay that price for it. That resolution also seems a bit wasted on a small screen.

So thumbs up for the technology but thumbs down for everything else.
i don't think they are catering it for the gaming crowd - the display of diablo 3 is just confirming that apple wants this machine to be abit more all round, as oppose to their last machines which weren't very game friendly

if you look at their webpage for the new mbp, they don't really mention anything about gaming, just showing off the gpu and screen for video and photo editting
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