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Why Gears of War PC Content is Exclusive

See how clever I am? I made it int he xbox section so they'd see the link lololool

I know it's not obvious as to how this happens, but as the engine changes we include new data formats, objects have functions removed and added, and network compatability is no longer possible. This is just like the amount of changes that happened between UT99 and UT2003 prevented them from being network/content compatible. When we ship a game, we take a snapshot of the engine at that point in time. The engine continues the development path we have planned out, but the game doesn't. So the two entities diverge enough that they are no longer compatible. For instance, you can't even load one of the art packages from the original Gears in our current engine's editor. The same holds true going in the other direction: current content can't be loaded in the version of the editor that we used to ship Gears.
Engine is better on PC in other words, as if we didnt know that. Although one wonders how the sharing mods stuff they want for UT3 will work for PC to port to 360. My guess is not likely.
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