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Originally Posted by Drunken Savior
If you have problems seeing images in this site, and you have an Internet Security program (such as Norton Internet Security) installed in your system, please try to disable "Browser Privacy".

Example for Norton Internet Security 2003:

1. Open the Norton Internet Security Control Panel

2. Click on "Privacy Control", choose "Configure".

3. If you have "Turn on Privacy Control" checked, click on "Custom Level".

4. In the "Customize Privacy Settings" page, uncheck "Enable Browser Privacy".

5. Click OK and accept the settings.

Example for Zone Alarm:

1. Open the Zone Alarm Control Panel

2. Click on "Firewall", choose the "Zones" tab.

3. Add a new site, set Zone to "Trusted", and enter "" as the host name.

Hope this helps out everyone who has had problems!

thx i needed to know that
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