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Upcoming 2009 and 2010 list of games

I honestly forgot about this place and its awesome lists,. Anyway quite a few of these are out or coming out. If they're out they'll have a score that was given after the games name. Alot of epic games there. Just click on the games title and it'll take you to a preview/review or website of said game. Super cool.

The lists also include mods being released for certain games. Theres a very cool mod for Jedi Academy too. And one that turns 'Nexus' and 'Sins of a Solar Empire' space strategy game into a Star trek version. Super cool stuff everywhere.

Also in the lists are some very cool looking indy games and freeware games. Basically theres no fucking way any of you cant find a half dozen games you'd be interested in on these lists.

Ok just flicked through it and theres some freakish games listed here. Fuck any of you that say theres no games on pc that are interesting.

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