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I know this guy on YouTube who lives in America. His name is Nemesis. It is "Nemesis" but with a hyphen after his name. Likely, he created his ID that way so he could bypass Google's registration process, since you have to put something in the surname section when you are signing up.

Anyway, this guy currently has over 3K subscribers, but he used to upload mostly anime videos onto his channel when he first started out. Perhaps that's why he has as many followers as he does. In fact, I did a Google search for another nickname he uses and I saw that he has a Crunchyroll profile as well. He is notorious for being accused of spouting utter garbage about the survival horror genre and bashing Capcom in particular. About 2 years ago, he began uploading a lot of Resident Evil opinions videos. You know? These are basically just his own thoughts on how he doesn't like the fact that Shinji Mikami and other key personnel connected to the franchise, were (in his eyes, at least) being mistreated by Capcom. Which you'd think is fine, because that's how he feels and it shouldn't matter if he wants to express himself in that way. Maybe not everything he said is truthful. We're only human, sure, but a lot of what he said was reasonably well-worded and so I appreciate that he doesn't act like one of the sheep. Right?

Well, other YouTubers (namely, a few clowns known as Renegade Operative and BioDevil_Dom) think that it's okay to make reaction videos dissecting this man's words, with the guy they are slagging off all the while trying to put on a brave face and boast of how he doesn't care if nobody agrees with him. Yet that seems highly unlikely, giving that he incessantly claims not to care about Capcom at all, yet somehow he has gotten around to recording like 9527 videos in a year to drive home the point that Capcom sucks. Also known as being a contradicting twit. That's obviously an exaggerated amount of videos, but there must be at least 50 similar videos on his profile by now, that consist of this infamous YouTube personality badmouthing Capcom.

Personally, I didn't dislike the guy to begin with. I think he has a touch of autism like I do, so I was glad I found out about his videos and it's sad that he decided to then side with his two biggest haters, merely because I said controversial remarks about his country. Since then, these two idiots have been making videos about me too, trying to make me out to be the biggest horse's ass in the entire online Resident Evil community and that I'm evidently more "toxic" than Nemesis is because of how I behaved, and also due to what I confessed to having done to people I met years ago.

They constantly bring up the fact that I've got an Encyclopedia Dramatica entry, which really only came about due to similar abuse I endured on a lot of ridiculous fan forums throughout the years. That, plus I openly admitted to a lot of personal issues that were better off not being broadcast on the Internet to begin with. Regardless though, one of them recently made a video mocking the fact I admitted I've been in some films and he said I probably just do acting to get women to notice me, because real talk: I look like an inbred monkey, and his mate was also making fun of me for recording a video where I had a stray mouse in my bathroom. Again, so what? They also bash anyone who responds in my defense, such as this guy who calls himself Deacon. It's sad how I defended this Nemesis chap over the past several months and he does that in return, while overlooking the fact that this all started because of his content. They shared some links with Nemesis to paint a bad picture of my overall persona, then the guy I defended suddenly starts acting like it was all a game with those guys and that everything is cool now. These people are well and truly sad if they rely on drama videos to gain an audience. One of them clearly hasn't done his homework either, because he said there hasn't been a Dino Crisis game in close to a decade, yet the last one was actually put out back in 2003. Also, if you ignore all that pathetic pish for a minute, it's this kind of pointless harassment that I've had to put up with online since I was a teenager, but what is sad is that this nonsense all originally began when I was like 17 and I'm 32 now.

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