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Theres no way some of you dont know a good program. I know theres some movie whores out there, JOE!

divx compressor program doesnt want to work for it. It screwed up when I updated it and no amount of uninstalling etc will fix it.

The best program I found that didnt screw with the aspect size of the clip after compression was the AVS Video Compressor program. It was brilliant. It even made compressed videos look better then other programs I tried. Sadly the new version cant be cracked and the olde cracked versions dont want to work for some reason. Cant figure it out. The new unregistered version leaves a watermark in the middle of the movie so its useless to me.

Any ideas? I've tried heaps of crap. Total Video convertor, Xilisoft, SUPER! etc. Someone tell me a good one!
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