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Originally Posted by KingOfSentinels View Post
Just wait for Torchlight 2 if you need your looting fix. Only played the Beta when they were stress testing their servers, which perhaps Blizzard should have done more of, you know, being one of the largest videogame developers around and all, but it was already better than D3 right from the off in most, if not all, aspects. Couple that with being 1/3 the price and not needing to be online all the time and we have a clear winner.
What? Diablo 3 is an awesome game, and I played TL2 beta as well. Can't really say which is best yet, but I'm guessing torchlight because it's the same team as diablo 1 and 2, and there was some awesome stuff in torchlight 1 to expand upon like ancestry/retiring characters which is a really cool system, and the loot is amazing. It's hard to go an hour without seeing a cool weapon with on-hit effects.

With D3, there are some glaring flaws in the way loot is done, and the way gold sinks are handled which I don't think Blizzard will ever fix because they want more people using the RMAH as possible. But playing the game without the AH's are just might be stuck farming azmodan on hell for a long time before going to inferno, and likewise being stuck on act 1 inferno for a while, which is fine imo. My biggest problem is you never get upgrades that are insanely good. There needs to be more on-hit effects and affixes that increase skills. Blizzard is treating this way too much like an MMO.
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