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I'm laughing when I read the blizzard forums about inflation and all this shit for even the gold auction house.

I'm liking the game even tho it's far less replayablity compared to diablo 1 and 2 and these people are treating it like every single part of the game is a job and you need education to play the game and if you don't like it starts up a flame war like crazy.

I one time said in chat that they should put a gold cap at least for the AH so people dont' ask for 100 million gold or higher cause that is kind of stupid cause how long it would take to get that much, even selling items doesn't give you that much cause nobody wants to pay 1 million gold or can't cause that would be all of their gold. I don't mind higher prices, I think they just need to have some form of cap to stop retarded amounts to sell for.
and then I got a lecture about inflation.... I was like, are we talking about the same thing? cause I thought we were talking about a pass time hobby like thing called a video game.... lol oh man did I really insult him by saying that. I wish I copied and pasted it. He was really throwing the insults out. I said the last thing saying Sorry, I don't live in Korea where playing video games is my job/life. I blew his mind then and just kept responding with more faces all the time. Oh good times.
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