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hoho... i just fixed a gazillion typos and mistakes in my review

Paper, has for Sonic Drift 2 i believe you really know more than i do cause i didnt dare to play it for long. The 8/16 bit era racers havent aged gracefully at all! Its not the least bit fun.

Icarus, you do well in wanting to listen to the Sonic the fighters soundtrack. I was really surprised (maybe cause i had no expectations). Its an enjoyable soundtrack. Actually its what makes me start up the game when i dare polute my Ps2 with this collection. The stages are fun too theres one in a flying carpet (seen in one of the shots i posted) and another in mushroom hill with all those familiar "bowak" mushroom sounds. Its beyond me why Sega chose not to cash in with this. Actually its also beyond me why they didnt include all of the characters of this game in "Fighters megamix". It could've only boosted the sales even more...

By the way, it was the first time i reviewed a collection and i found it to be quite troublesome since its in fact several reviews in one, so its hard to go much into detail without writing a testament
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