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I liked you review, but there are some things I most say.

"Sonic Drift 2" is the game you will want to stay very far away from. This racer is very "Outrun" but without the large roads. You will probably get off track in every turn. Not fun!
I used to own this game for the GameGear, but it got lost. (My brothers mistake, because I don't do mistakes! ) Anyway, I rarely go off track. I agree the game is mean less, but that because all what you do is going left and right with the same old turns in each stage, until you win. The abilities for most characters are useless and add nothing and you will rarely use it and the characters are also unbalanced. Sonic ability for an example, makes him dash, but Tails makes him jump. What dose jumping do? Nothing!
A mean less game is mean less no matter how many ways you play it, I guess.

Without the original soundtrack this game really aint worth playing. Actually anyone playing it will only do it cause he/she has never completed the game before and it will always come to the fatal question "What was all the fuss about this game anyways?!". And its a correct analisys of the situation. Theres nothing special about the American version of Sonic CD. Its nothing but a yawn fest. The japanese version is where the myth of the grest Sonic CD lives.
I said something like that long time ago. Sonic without the music is just a mediocre game or at most above average.
The same goes to MegaMan. See what good music can make for a game. Turn it form mediocre to a Classic.

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