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OK! Its been a while since my last brief review, and now I've decided to remove my slack-lock <tm> and give you some more juicy ones. This next review is a personal fave of mine, and one where I still own it and the box it came in. X-Out MY REVIEW!! Brief!


This was a brilliant BRILLIANT shoot-em-up for the C64. Also out for others like the Amiga and Atari ST. But before I mention much about the game, I want to dedicate a little corner to the legends that were RAINBOW ARTS! They created this game as well as many other classics.

Game publisher and developer founded in 1984 in Guetersloh, Germany. Early in the 80's they gathered many talented people from all over Germany, like Armin Gessert (founder of the fairly new company Spellbound), Thomas Hertzler (now head of Blue Byte), Chris Huelsbeck, Manfred Trenz and many more to become one of the biggest names in computer entertainment in Europe from 1986 to around 1991. All their games from that time were mainly made for the C64 and the Amiga and only very few were converted to the IBM-PC later on. Early in the 90's most of Rainbow Arts people went on to work somewhere else or to form their own independent companies (Blue Byte, Factor 5). Rainbow Arts became part of Softgold/Funsoft and are now part of THQ, as Funsoft itself was bought by THQ in 1999. In the PC era they only produced a few games like Imperium Romanum, a fun graphic adventure that plays in a world where the Roman Empire had survived till the present and Lollypop, a cute jump'n run.
Well theres my ode to rainbow Arts. To the game!!

While roaming the shelves at my local store back in the day, I saw this pretty little box and said WOOT! Shooty game! And bought it. I can probably compare X-Out a little to R-Type. They're both horizontal scrollers, and they both have powerups for your ship. However, with X-Out you get your power ups BEFORE you start the mission. You get them by money. I'll put some screens up to show what I mean.

C-64 shoppe!!

Amiga Version

Using the Amiga screen as an example, you can see theres 4 types of ships you can buy. Each ship can fit more things. Top right is a green outline of your ship and you attach the weapons to that. Top middle is your ships your custom ships you can choose from before the missions start. The bottom, well fairly straight forward. Bottom left, 3 types of firepower, one stronger then the one before, beside them the ships you can buy, and after that 2 sections of different upgrades. Its just brilliant.

This game was DAMN HARD!!! I cant speak for the Amiga version since I never had it, but its a very hard game. But oh so fun. Extremely colourful, every boss is very cool, and the stages are great. Game is brilliant. I dont know what more I can say apart form brilliant, play it, and play it now if you like shootemups.

My Score!!


Heres more screens

C-64 screens first...

The prettier Amiga ones!!


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