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Yes I realy sometimes use my nails
I thought that this is the only way to finish all the mini games in Feel The Magic is to use your nails so that you can move faster
ohh and it is hard to notice the scratchs in my NDS and I cannot see them if I am playing games and I just use tissue with a littel water and it look somewhat just like new(please note that my NDS dose have some scratchs but they are very few and small and not noteabl(even if you are not playing))
and my nails are not sharp
maybe you get the bad NDS (yes there is 2 kinds of NDS one of them have good and strong Touch screen and the other have bad and weak touch screen(if you want to know what kind you have just see your touch screen if it look worst or different then the top screen then you have the bad and weak one but if it look very similer to the top screen then you have the strong and good one and I know that Nintendo is starting to turn like Sony
let just wait and see if the new Nintendo home console have problems then you will see a new thread comeing
Note-I used my hand to finish the mini game Bull in Feel The Magic :bigsmile:
Note-I did say that NDS have problems before meaning that this is not the first time that I said it in the Magic Box(I said this to countre Sanland before he twist it)
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