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Great new Wii Info in one place.

Ok guys, im making a positive thread about the Wii b/c im thrilled with all of the news we got today. Please all the negative things ppl said in the other threads please dont repat it we know how you feel already. Most of the things are from ign . Please feel free to add anything i might have forgoten.

I'm gonna compile all the new stuff here as best as i can. I know some of this is posted in other threads but i think this is

Launch, price, and pack ins reavealed.

Launch window realeases and beyond.

All the official nintendo home page stuff+ in depth breakdowns from ign. GUI,Browser Ect....

Go here and check out great screenshots of almost all the games...they have all made a good graphical leap..look for urselves, just scroll down the whole page.

Third parties love the Wii, good quotes.

New red steel trailer+ pics

Region free Wiis

Metroid 3 fixed with Vids.

Zelda Hands on new wii controls described.

Wing island hands on

Component cable included in the wii packaging + GUI interface Vid.

No Dvd playback in the wii

Virtual console partners list.

Big madden Wii interview + screens.

Rayman trailer with in game footage.

Sweet SM:G screens+ impressions.

Trauma center:SO, Sonic:SR, MB:BB and Marvel: UA

Wii Europe launch possibly in 03/07?

Nintendo bundels Wii controler with game

Official page.

Devil Kings headed to Wii

First boxart screens.

I'll add more tomorrow but i gotta go to work now
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