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Originally Posted by Joe Redifer
Icarus - Yes I have thought of this, but most of the music starts with a sound effect of the text drawing onscreen ("dit-dit-dit-dit-dit-dit") and I don't like sound effects in my music. The beginning of the music is never looped otherwise it wouldn't be a problem. There may be a point in each case where this doesn't happen or is minimal, but it'd be at only one point in the game and finding it would be tough. I'd have to keep saving every single step of the way just in case one of those opportunities pops up. I'd say the game is around 8-10 hours... hard to say because I took lots of breaks due to my neck hurting. The final 3 episodes have to take at least 2 hours each, minimum. Probably more.
Let's put it this way. You already know what a pain in the ass it was for me to record the music in Mushihimesama. Set, record, play, not get hit, accidentally get shot, restart, play, intentionally die and let the continue screen sit there up to a certain point, start, don't get hit, repeat about 100 times per stage, then copy and paste portions of the song, including little sub-sections, and make the entire song sound clean without perceptible breaks anywhere. To get the five tracks I wanted took six hours -- a complete nightmare. There's no way that Phoenix Wright could be that difficult.
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