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Morrowind Mods

I've always loved the mod community for the PC user and I've loved the Elder Scrolls series since Daggerfall2. I was looking through the mods again to see what new stuff had popped up and theres some brilliant things created. Not just content to do with characters and items, but new areas, places, races, quests, all created for our enjoyment. Loke one guy created a mod that lets you sneak up behind people and snap their necks for your assasin character. Another created one where you are a vampire and can get vampire followers if you drain their blood and heaps of other things. Also new races etc. So anyway, I was looking through them and thought I'd slap up a few screenshots of the old and some new stuff.

WARNING! Lots of pics...

FIRSTLY! Heres one example of a before and after shot of one texture repack I found. Notice the floor in the first pic and the ones in the other, including stuff around aswell.



So not a bad little addition! Next up are just a few select character models that were changed. Heres before shots..

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