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Originally Posted by AtariX
True story about the Genesis version Mercs here. A long time friend of mine was in town recently and we used to play Mercs at the local arcade all the time, back in the day. The local used movie/music/video game store by my house had a complete copy of Mercs for the Genesis that had been tempting me for weeks. When my buddy got into town, we stopped by the used video game store and picked up the copy of Mercs, all excited to relive the great two player co-op goodness of Mercs. We got home, grabbed a few beers, inserted Mercs into the cart slot and powered up the Sega CDX. I then proudly placed the Mercs box on the bookshelf, along with my growing collection of Genesis and Sega CD games. I grabbed my two six button controllers, placed one in my buddies hand and the other remained in my hand. We sat down on the couch, took a few sips of beer and then I hit the start button. Hmmm....where is the 2-player option? Well, I told my buddy that I'll just start the game and that he could probably hit start and join right in, just like in the arcade. Hmmm...that didn't work. I turned off the CDX and powered it up agian, as I just must of missed the 2-player co-op option in the menu. Hmmm...still couldn't find it...I better check the instruction booklet. I picked up the Mercs box and there on the bottom left hand corner was a little 1-player only logo... ... ....
<fists raised in the air>Noooooo! Damn you Sega and Capcom!!!!!
Oh man, that sucks. What happened next?
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