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1. KH3 Remind
2. Grip
3. LoH Trails of cold steel 2
4. Journey
5. Tales of Berseria
6. Persona 5 Royal
7. The witcher 3 wild hunt
8. C&C TD remastered (PC)
9. Jedi Outcast
10. Jedi academy
11. Captain tsubasa rise of new champions
12 Astros playroom ps5

Beat Kingdom hearts 3 remind dlc. Including the 13 new hard bosses.
It was the "lets fix that ending" dlc and some pretty annoying boss fights in the class of "always invincible except for 1 or 2 seconds and dodge all the crazy stuff going on in the meanwhile". I was pretty surprised with how they put the last bit of story behind them. That was douchy.
There was a secret boss as well, but the story continues even if you lose, and thank god for that cause it requires a weapon that is aquired by playing the whole game again in critical mode. /pass

I don't think it was worth the 30 euros, but it was good that they went back and fixed it. Theres a pretty cool moment in it where you basically have a battle with several characters at once.
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