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Kiryu reviews today:

The Supercard for the Gameboy Advance SP:

So I bought this, not much information on this, I guess everyone threw away their GBA and bought a DS. Well not me!

First of all requirements in order to play anything:
- GBA SP, GBA, NDS, Gameboy Player for GCN

- A Mini SD card, a regular Sd card won't work, which sucks since it seems that these mini ones are pretty much extinct from your local stores and can only be found online.

- Software, this box doesn't come with the required software, unfortunately on the day I received this, the official website was down, so I had to search far and wide, until I found an attachment on some forum. The software converts .GBA files into something the supercard can recognize (which are .gba files... btw). Since this software is obviously made in china, expect to know absolutely nothing on how to use this program.

- Optional firmware update, again hard to find if the main site is down, since everyone links it there and nobody uploads it themselfs

Now onto the actual cartridge:
The cart itself is like a regular cart, the miniSD goes inside it, it has a GUI menu, where you can store 64 files per folder, so create lots of those folders!

If you didn't convert the roms properly, you won't be able to save, and of you did its still a pain to do, since you have to exit the game that youre playing and enter the Supercards menu, and find your file there, and select it. Forget to do that and it won't save, simple, just like that Sega smash pack collection for the dreamcast.

The game run from 95% to 30% their actual speed, if you've added some options to your roms like save anywhere, easy restart, codebreaker, they will run even slower or won't play at all.

My backup version Sonic Advance 1 runs pretty good at 95%, Castlevania Arial of Sorrow slows down to a crawl at about 30% at the very beginning, but catches up to 50% its actual speed, still slow.

Sonic 1 the GBA version, runs very poorly, Wario Land 4 runs at 80%, but slows down to a crawl at the end of every stage, I guess to much mode 7 effects.

Phantasy Star collection freezes at PS1, but every other game works, there is a workaround but its retarded. I'll get to that later.

As we all know the GBA SP supports GBC games, if you stick a giant GBC cart it activates a switch which turns it into GBC mode, well since the Supercard is a small GBA cart, it can't do this, so the smart pirates gave you emulation of GB/GBC.

GBC emulator:
Runs slow, Dragon Quest 1-2, are playable, but the game is slow in towns, also the screen is not stretched just like the real thing and is a tiny square, not full screen. So you might have to strain your eyes everytime you play.

Nes emulator, runs all the simple homebrew games like Mario and Skin Head City ransom without any problems, though official game images like Parodius are slow and sucky.

SMS, now since the GBA of Phantasy Star freezes, you can use this mode, its not bad... but the screen is stretched, and you can't read anything, you can remove this but everything becomes zoomed in, either way you can't read anything.

PCengine/Turbograph emu, forget about this, I tried Keith Courage, slow and crappy, even crappier than the regular game.

Final Score:

for about 50 bucks, its not recommended, its good for some stuff and the ability to play some nes games is nice, if you find it for cheap like 20 bucks go for it.

3/5 disturbed Batmans
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