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Persona 3

It beat this RPG about a month ago, but I really let this one sink in before I could do a review of it. If you have played any of the SMT series, you should already know what to expect in this review.

The story:
Person 3 isn't the most story driven game out there. Much like Valkyrie Profile, the story doesn't even begin to really take shape until the half way point of the game. Unlike Valkyrie profile however, the story isn't amazingly deep, and the halfway point of this game is near the same length as Valkyrie Profile in general. That being said, it was still pretty enjoyable, though long winded in this regard. The ending sequence however is nothing short of mind-numbingly retarded. If you are going to forget all your friends, I highly doubt you would make a pact to meet after graduation. Somehow it didn't dawn on them to leave themselves a fucking note...

Persona 3 isn't the most story driven RPG out there, but what it has is deep enough to explain whats going on in the game, and keep you happy through most of it. Thusly, I fell it deserves a 72 x 40%.

The Characters:
The Characters of Persona 3 really give the game its flavor. Since its technically half dating sim, it fits the game for all the characters to have their own radical personalities. Junpei is one of the more realistic characters in an RPG, while Aegis is literally a robot. Aside from the typical dating development, there exists character development in all the main characters. Back stories were lightly fleshed out, but was seriously all that was needed in that department.

Easily the best aspect of this game. Characters are fun and interesting, and pull you into a mess of trouble sometimes. Plus they were all WELL voice acted, which is pretty surprising. 90 x 30% should suffice

The Gameplay:
It would seem from a design standpoint that Persona 3 should fail miserably. The only dungeon in the game is a tower with 200+ RANDOMLY generated floors. You can only control the main character during combat, and you spend more than half your play time in Dating Sim land. Somehow this actually came off as a feasible game though.

Ill start with the Dating first. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I was really interested in seeing what would happen on every date. On the other hand, the game was retarded easy. Not once did I give a girl the right present (ok maybe not retarded easy) but they still gave themselves to me without much challenge SLUTS The dating system essentially turned out to be keep going out with them and you will eventually win their virginity...unless they were guys, then you'd just get weird presents. From a dating sim stand point (though I haven't played any >.>) this was ultimately lame. You dont decide where to date, and aren't penalized for acting like a complete douche. I threw most of the good aspects of this system into the character score.

Now to the dungeon crawl...
Exploring the tower was pretty enjoyable. Random floors weren't a bad idea somehow, and the addition of the "attack first" on all the enemies on the floor kept things from getting too stale. There were also plenty of different items scattered everywhere to make exploring worth while.

The combat however is a mixed bag. Its based around hitting people with what they are weak against. Do this, and you get to attack again. Unlimited amount of times. This was pretty cool, especially with the ability to choose which monster to use. However, when control shifted over to the AI people all hell would break loose. They dont grasp the idea of exploiting weaknesses to well. And when they do, they decide it is necessary to waste extra amounts of mana to do so. But what is worse is when you are say poisoned, and anyone with healing magic will continually heal you, instead of attacking. Also, they randomly use items (which are useless) instead of healing you to full, even though they have 1/2 mana still...
Bosses are also either WAY too easy, or just incredibly gay. And AoE insta-death spells are still retarded SMT...

Now onto Monsters (Yeah this game has a lot going on)
You can craft monsters by combining others...COOL! And what monsters you have open to you is based directly off of dating...COOL! And you can choose what abilities they get... wait they are chosen randomly? And you have to keep selecting all the monsters (up to 5 in the end) to get a new spread of spells? For sometimes thirty plus minutes? Luckily this usually took only a few tries, but it was still incredibly annoying a lot of the time. And like all SMT games, when monsters level up, they can suddenly get the urge to change their best skill into something useless, so you better bitch-slap them anytime they try that.

And Finally Quests
Ill keep this short. 90% of them were retarded. The rewards you get for doing them were too meager. This really needed help.

Persona 3 had a mixed bag of gameplay, but it seemed like it would have been a lot worse. 68 x 30%

Overall Score: 72 x .4 + 90 x .3 + 68 x .3 = 76.2

Bonus Comments:

Epic Style throughout this game. Seriously, it was pretty amazing art direction. The soundtrack was equally as funky. +3 points

FINAL SCORE 79.2 (10 out of 12)
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