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Spectral vs Generation
Console: PS2
Genre: Action>Fighting>2D
Designed By: IGS
Published By: Idea Factory
Video 1: Coming soon... too big for youtube, will include the 1 minute intro, plus gameplay.
Video 2:
Video 3:
Last boss Video 4:

Welcome to another inexperienced review by me, Kiryu!
First of all, the state of fighting games today is grim, even in Japan, where there are less and less games being made. The market is dominated with SNK and Sammy, both of which are becoming lazy and just keep on releasing same ol'games with minor additions.(For example: Guilty Gear Slash and the new Power Instinct, while a good game, its just a beefed up port of the arcade version.)

That is why it is very refreshing to see a relatively new company releasing a fighting game.
IGS also created the very awesome "Gladiator Arcade game", based on feudal japan, which was released in the arcades in 2003,but never for the console, I might review it someday(with videos of course).

When you see Spectral vs. Generation for the first time, you might find the players drawn very crudely, something along the lines of a budget title, but trust me, when you start playing the game and see the awesome special effects that come out of the characters, you'll think otherwise.

The gameplay is also very similar to Guilty Gear, in which you can slide in the air, have air moves,air counters,and huge combos.

In terms of control, everything is responsive, you can pull of fireballs, and supers just like you can in other games.

The character selection is alright, for a first in the series anyways, by default you have 10 characters, and you could possible unclock the last boss.

Also there is very little modes, you got your standard arcade, vs, and training mode.

Overall, very fun game, which I'll be playing for quite sometime.

Final Score: 9

Graphics: 9
Sound: 8
Gameplay : 9
Replay Value :7
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