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The Pirate
Simple 2000 Series Vol. 96: The Kaizoku - Gaikotsu Ippaire~tsu!
THE 海賊~ガイコツいっぱいれーつ!~
Genre: Action>General
Designed By: D3
Release Date: 04/06/06 JP
Official Website:

The video quality is much much better this time, I fix it so that the camera doesnt focus that much.

This game is an Action beat em up, sort of along the lines of Dynasty Warriors and Devil may Cry, in which you have to beat up hordes of pirates.

The main guy looks like a cross between Dante and Jack Sparrow from Pirates of caribeean.

The basic premise requires you to find ships on your map, enter them, and fight hordes of undead pirates, skeletons, and bosses. Once you kill a couple of enemies, your soul burning meter will build up, and once you activate it, your attacks get more powerfull for a couple of moments.

Once you kill enough ships, a dungeon appears on your map, from there you do the same thing you did on the ships, except now you are on land.

Repeat * 100

The controlls are your standart fare, you have your lock on button, your 2 attack buttons,1 button to shoot with your crappy guns, and you can roll/dodge by using the right analog stick. Dodging requires some getting used to, and sometimes doesn't work when you want it to.

You can also interact with the background, in one part of the game you can swing from one side of the ship to the other.

The Graphics and the level design are kind of bland, but they do their thing, which is to make it look like you are on the High seas of the pirate era.
The Camera is horrible, but since you can manually rotate it I guess it works, but it does get in your way.

The music is very well made, the sound effects themselfs are generic, each monster screams the same, and slashes the same.

Overall, this game won't appeal to many, but if you enjoy Dynasty Warriors and old school nes games, that don't have much story line, and only focus on beating the countless enemies, you'll enjoy it.

Final Score:


Graphics: 2
Sound: 7
Gameplay : 6
Replay Value :4, this game gets old pretty quickly, and with nothing to upgrade there is no reason to play it for more than a few hours.

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