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Gundam Battle Assault

System: PSX
Genre: Action>General
Designed By: Bandai
Number of Players: 1-2
Year released: 11/06/00

Gundam Battle Assault is a 2D sprite based fighting game, involving giant robots called Gundams from the popular anime series of the same name.

Right of the bat, you have 12 selectable Gundam Suits, from the always popular Wing Gundam to the less known Q-Mantha, plus 9 unlockable suits. Take note though you can't choose who your pilot is in story mode, its always going to be Heero Yuy.

The game doesn't offer much in gameplay modes, you only have Story mode and VS mode, Training and Arcade mode would of been a nice addition.

As for the fighting engine itself, its has its flaws but overall its better than you would expect.

For one thing the action is fast, your gundams can hover all over the place, and resembles more like Marvel Vs Capcom than Street Fighter 2.

Each gundam has a limited amount of firepower, 500 Bullets,and 3 super moves, these run out quickly throughout the battle and cannot be replenished, so there is some strategy involved.

Though one problem with the whole battle system is that each Gundam controlls the same, and have the same commands, and generally same moves. Each gundam has an Uppercut, a Hurrican Kick type move, and a super move, plus an unblocable weapon move.

The sound for this is average, with your basic action style themes, but the In-game announcer is simply horrible! At the title screen it looks like he is saying "Gundam Battle Lappel", also there are no voice overs from the anime, only text.

The graphics for this game are outstanding, the whole looks and feels like it belongs on the PS2,from the very cool looking paralax backgrounds to the actuall Gundam suits, some of which are so big they take up the whole screen! There is also no slowdowns whats-so-ever.

And another thing that Bandai did an excellent job on that most fighters on the PSX suffer with, is the practically non-existant loading times, which is amazing considering how the graphics look.

Overall, this is a great fighter to add to your collection, and realy is buried treasure.
Bandai also released a sequel for this game, which improves on many faults that I mentioned here, so make sure to get it, and stay tuned for my review of it.


Rating Scale:


Graphics: Absolutely Awesome - 10
Sound: Generic, and the announcer is horrible! - 4
Gameplay: Very good, too bad every gundam controlls the same - 9
Replay value: With 21 characters, you will play this for awhile, though you may get bored since everyone controls the same. - 8.5
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